EDGAR ARCENEAUX Until, Until, Until…
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EDGAR ARCENEAUX Until, Until, Until…

Until, Until, Until… is a look back at Broadway legend Ben Vereen’s controversial performance at Ronald Reagan’s inaugural celebration in 1981. At this event, Vereen staged a musical number in homage to the trailblasing vaudeville performer Bert Williams who, because of racist laws dictating who could appear on stage, always performed in ‘blackface’ makeup.

For his performance, Vereen also donned ‘blackface’ to access the vulnerability and reality of Williams’ legacy. Unfortunately, the television audience never saw the second half of Vereen’s performance, where the actor attended to the issue of race and blackface in Williams’ own words. The incomplete broadcast triggered a devastating backlash amongst Vereen’s audience and followers and completely derailed his career.

Until Until Until… re-stages Vereen’s original performance in its entirety. Both a celebration of Vereen’s performance and a powerful re-visitation of an important historical event, the work reflects on the power of the media, its ability to manipulate reality, and the devastating consequences for the public. .

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Edgar Arceneaux
to Mar 25

Edgar Arceneaux

Regular Admission: $10

10% off admission for seniors, students, and teachers, non-profit employees, KQED members, public transit riders, and library card holders.

FREE for same-day film or performance ticket holders, children 5 and under, and military service members with ID.

First Tuesdays of the month: Free admission.

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6:30 PM18:30


The upheaval of the 2016 Presidential Election and the Brexit referendum revealed a fractured society. With social discourse atomized via political antagonism and personalized news feeds, common discourse is in peril. However, the disintegration of the mainstream amplifies voices which were once marginalized. The participants in this discussion explore different versions of history, ways of existing in America today, and possibilities for the future. 

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5:00 PM17:00

Sculpture unveiling with Edgar Arceneaux

New sculpture will celebrate the civil rights battles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

5:00-6:00 p.m., S.J. Quinney College of Law Level 1
The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law is excited to unveil a new sculpture by the artist Edgar Arceneaux. The artwork, titled “The Crystal Paradox,” will be a permanent installation in the atrium of the College of Law building.

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Films by Kevin Jerome Everson and Edgar Arceneaux
to Oct 26

Films by Kevin Jerome Everson and Edgar Arceneaux

This program showcases the film and video work of Everson and Edgar Arceneaux. Each is an artist with a distinct practice that demonstrates a multivalent concern for modalities of art, race, black visual and expressive culture, performance, and historiography. They each produce richly textured work that considers the rigorous capacity of art to suspend, refabulate, and disrupt the writing of history and the vast range of meanings attributed to blackness.

Michael B. Gillespie



A Time to Break Silence

Edgar Arceneaux, United States, 2013


Until, Until, Until . . .

Edgar Arceneaux, United States, 2016


Link to event and tickets:  http://bampfa.org/event/films-kevin-jerome-everson-and-edgar-arceneaux

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to Jun 4

Until, Until, Until... The Live Play by Edgar Arceneaux

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Edgar Arceneaux’s first live work, Until, Until, Until…, investigates the infamous 1981 performance of Broadway legend Ben Vereen, televised nationally as part of Ronald Reagan's inaugural celebration.

Intended as an homage to vaudevillian Bert Williams—America’s first mainstream black entertainer—the final 5 minutes of the performance were censored for the television audience, causing Vereen’s biting commentary on the history of segregation and racist stereotypes in performance to be lost on viewers at home.Until, Until, Until… is based on the footage that never aired that night. Arceneaux’s commission, a mise-en-scène of the inaugural party, foregrounds the past, illuminating the enduring presence and impact of history in the present. The piece questions the truth of past narratives, and creates an opportunity to reconsider our collective understanding of historic events. The performance immerses the audience in the scenery of the presidential celebration, where the relationships between past and present, experience and memory, and fantasy and reality are blurred as they are filtered through time and the television screen.

Frank Lawson stars as Ben Vereen in this highly anticipated Los Angeles Premier. Winner of Performa's Malcolm McLaren Award and praised in The New Yorker magazine, Lawsons performance in Until... has been hailed by viewers and critics from New York, Boston to Los Angeles.

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7:30 PM19:30

On Black Lies, Fake News, Algorithms and Social Media

On Black Lies, Fake News, Algorithms and Social Media will use the Library of Black Lies as a platform to discuss the use of social media, fake news, and algorithms to manipulate the opinions and actions of the masses. This is a open discussion, opinionated are welcomed. 

Artist Edgar Arceneaux will be in discussion with Mark C. Marino, writer and scholar of electronic literature living in Los Angeles.  Mark teaches writing at USC where he Directs the Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab (http://haccslab.com). The talk will be moderated by Main Museum Director Allison Agsten. 

Mark C. Marino is a writer and scholar of digital literature living in Los Angeles who recently taught a 3-week course in Fake News for UnderAcademy College. His creative works include “Living Will,” “a show of hands,” and  “Marginalia in the Library of Babel.” He was one of ten co-authors of 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (http://10print.org) (MIT 2013) and was a collaborator with Jessica  Pressman and Jeremy Douglass on Reading Project: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone's Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit} (Iowa Press 2015). Mark is currently working with his two children on a series of interactive children's stories, entitled Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House.

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7:30 PM19:30

Film: Edgar Arceneaux, Until, Until, Until...A Counter Inaugural Event

7:30 pm | Fri, January 20, 2017

Free and open to the public

Edgar Arcenaux’s film Until, Until, Until... (2015–16) is presented as a cautionary yet uplifting tale of a courageous artist speaking truth to power at an inaugural ball for Ronald Reagan in 1981. Ben Vereen performed in blackface, as a tribute to vaudeville legend Bert Williams, in front of thousands of guests as a heartfelt and subversive political action in hopes of positively affecting Reagan's economic policies. Vereen's performance was censored that night, leaving the performance misunderstood and derailing his life and career. 

Until, Until, Until... will present Ben Vereen's full performance more than 30 years later, on inauguration night. Arceneaux intends the screening of his film to be a platform for Los Angeles’s diverse community to commune, speak, and be heard.

The screening lasts one hour, and will be followed by a Q&A with Arceneaux.

LACMA | Bing Theater
Free and open to the public

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7:00 PM19:00

Until, Until, Until... Film Premier at Ray Stark Theater at USC

Friends and Fam, 
I will present the world-premiere screening of the FILM of my play Until, Until, Until... If you missed it in NYC last November. So excited to bringing the work back to LA. Its one night only so get your tickets now!

Thursday, April 14, 2016, 7 p.m.
The Ray Stark Family Theatre, School of Cinematic Arts 108
Admission is free. Reservations required.
RSVP at visionsandvoices.usc.

Until, Until, Until ... investigates Broadway legend Ben Vereen’s infamous 1981 performance at Ronald Reagan’s inaugural celebration. Intended as an homage to vaudevillian Bert Williams—America’s first mainstream black entertainer—the final five minutes of the performance were censored for the television audience, causing Vereen’s biting commentary on racism and segregation to be lost on viewers at home. Based on the footage that never aired that night, the film raises important questions about truth, history, and collective memory. Until is a commission by Performa.

Adrienne Edwards Esa V. Nickle Frank Lawson Nataki Garrett Myers Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh

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